Vertika Trikes Canada
Vertika Trykes Canada

Vertika Trykes Canada
Division of Prestige Auto Works Inc.

Dear customer this link is set up for you to pay the transport fees once we receive your order; therefore, we will be able to confirm the transportation cost base on size, weight and destination.

Our price is based on quotations obtained from FedEx ground or FedEx crate. The item size will determined the service used for delivery.

Please note: The transportation cost does not include customs fees nor duties. You
will receive a separate invoice from FedEx for these charges.

V.T.C. will use FedEx services unless notified differently.
Please make sure you include the information in the note box on the shop page. We will contact you to confirm.

Please follow the steps:

1. You can add comments and sign your name in the box bellow.
2. Press the button Send Payment
3. Enter the amount (including the coma ex; 25,95)
4. Press re calculate button



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